[Dixielandjazz] Norfolk VA DJ band at the ballpark

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Wed Apr 2 23:13:14 PST 2003

Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Banjo, switch the Bass out for a Tuba, and
switch the Drummer over to Washboard.  This instrumentation works great.  It
is highly mobile and acoustically can be hear throughout the stands.  I
suggest a washboard instead of a marching snare because you can outfit the
washboard with a little splash cymbal that can be used as a mini ride cymbal
along with wood blocks and bells and whistles.  Rhythmically this adds a lot
to the group.  In the 80's we used the this instrumentation for the
California Angels out in Southern Cal.  The Cubs band, of which I played
with for a few seasons back in the 90's, in Chicago use a similar lineup
minus the washboard.

Hope this helps out,

Mike Marois
tuba/computer guru

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  The new ABQ baseball team wants a "strolling" DJ band.  Apparently, the
club pres., is affiliated with the Norfolk team and they have one there at
every game.

  Can anyone involved in that help me with the logistics of this?  Anyone
else have any experience along these lines?  We're tpt, tbone, clarinet,
banjo, piano, upright bass, and drums.  Obviously, the piano and bass are
out.  Does the drummer wear a marching snare?

  Bill Biffle
  Trumpet & Leader
  The Duke City Dixieland Jazz Band
  Albuquerque, New Mexico

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