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>Dear Steve,
>Regarding the great 'New York City Trad Jazz vignette' from your "new (unnamed)
>He mentions : >When the "Mob" broke Condon's arm I was at the fund raiser at
>Town Hall.<
>When was this? Sometime in the 1950s, going by your friend's age.
>What are the details of this Condon story?
>Although my old brain is (was?) full of Condon stuff, I don't recall this story
>at all.
>The only Condon benefit concert I recall was one at midnight at 
>Carnegie Hall in
>July 1964 (shortly after his Australian tour) when they featured the Woody
>Herman Herd and Bob Crosby's big band, much to Eddie's initial disgust. 
>But that
>was to help with medical bills for his prostate operations.
>Kind regards,
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Has this got anything to do with it:

"About the only thing missing is the Condon guitar. It was asked to come, but
its owner had injured himself severely in a game of badminton with one of his
daughters. Badminton? As that proves - and as theses great reproductions of the
old Chicago style prove as well - Chicago was never like this"

(Sleeve notes to "Chicago/Austin High School Jazz In Hi-Fi: Bud Freeman",

Was the "badminton" story a cover? I never heard anything about Condon being
attacked by the mob. But it's possible...

Jim Denham

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