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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
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Shalom Elazar,

How are you?  In answer to your question, Jan Byrczek jwd at jazzworlddatabase.com has the world jazz lists for a price.
The Sydney-Zenith (who you met and played banjo with in Sydney) will be at the following international jazz festivals this year:

GLASGOW, UK  3/4 July
EDINBURGH UK (25th Anniversary) 25 July till 3 August
HAUGESUND, Norway 6/10 August

Hope to catch up with you again in 2003 at one of these festivals


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Shalom Jazz Fans,

Can anyone tell me where I can get information on jazz festivals, clubs or events in Europe this summer, and for the rest of 2003?

In particular, I am going to be in Holland May 23 through June 1, but I thought I might try to get to another one later in the year if I can.

Also, anyone know of any good jazz in India (Bangalore or Delhi on this trip), April 29 - May 21. I've made friends with one band in Bangalore on previous trips. Not OKOM, but there is some overlap in repertoire, and they have accepted my banjo, trumpet, kazoo and vocals for sitting in while I'm in town.

I'd be grateful for any information.



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