[Dixielandjazz] "Mo Money in Dixieland" (the band)

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Tue Apr 1 02:56:57 PST 2003

Hi Folks:
This band was mentioned in a recent post. The group plays at the "No Name 
Bar" in Sausalito on Sun afternoons and having some free time yesterday, I 
decided to check them out.
Mal Sharpe, famous for his "Man in the Street" interviews in the 1960s in San 
Francisco is the leader and front man of the band.  Mal also hosts a radio 
show every Sun.nite on KCSM, 91.1FM, San Mateo, Ca. It is a combination of 
call in and anecdotal information about the current and past jazz scene of 
the SF Bay Area.  Tune in if you can; it's a fun show.

Mal has put together a very entertaining musical group among whom were: Clint 
Baker, string bass, Tom Buck, cornet, Carl Lunsford, banjo, Pete Devine, 
washboard and Chinese blocks, and a reedman whose name I can't recall.

Picture this: a cozy bar (no smoking per Calif.  law), a blend of tourists  
and appreciative jazzbo's, gorgeous ambiance...Sausalito...and a great band!  
Can it get any better?

A word about the personnel: Tom Buck, Jack Buck's son is an outstanding 
melodic cornetist who has a unique, powerful yet tasty approach. Carl 
Lunsford, banjo, projects a clear concept with precise strumming which blends 
well with Clint Baker's solid bass line. Pete Devine is an entertaining 
percussionist assuming a unique posture of leaning into his equipment which 
consists of washboard, Chinese Blocks, 2 splash cymbals, and snare and small 
bass drum. He provides clever accentual touches with an underlying sense of 
humor.  Pete listens carefully and responds to the melody while keeping a 
delicate pulse to keep the group together.  

The unknown clarinet man complemented the melodic duties and matched the 
strength of the cornet.  He also played sop sax with impeccable intonation.

Mal Sharpe plays boldly with traces of Jim Robinson and Vic Dickenson.  Mal 
is a showman. He is a lumbering fellow of about 6' 4" always glancing at the 
audience trying to transmit a bit of joy. 

I have no connection with this band other than becoming a new fan and 
hopefully a repeat customer.

Art Wood


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