[Dixielandjazz] Re: When I'm 64

Nancy Giffin nancyink@ulink.net
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 11:33:21 -0500

> From: "Creole Dixieland Jazz Band" <dixielandjazz@myexcel.com>
> Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Re: When I'm 64
> We did it one night and it went over great. But nobody could remember the
> bridge (verse?) or whatever that middle part is. What is the layout of this
> tune anyway? Anyone have the chords handy, please?  :-)
> Dave

Yes, Dave, 
You've got to get that "middle part"; it's the all-important contrast to the
happy jazz intro and ending to the song. (Like a Greek comedy that goes
After a lighthearted intro, the bridge notes slowly begin descending as the
tune and its lyrics take on a more serious and ominous tone about growing
old... but toward the end of this part, the lyrics begin referring to the
"grandchildren on your knee," and the melody brightens up -- the notes
associated with the kids' names seem to bounce like a child on your knee!
Then we return back to the main melody and all is light and happy again.
I hope someone sends you the sheet music. Good luck, and have fun!
Love and hugs,