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David Richoux tubaman@batnet.com
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 15:25:08 -0700

John Farrell wrote:

> At this rate somebody will be
> claiming that "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain" is really about sex.

the way we sing it in one band I am in would sure qualify ;-)

I mean, just look at the lyrics:

"She'll Be Coming,"

"riding six white horses,"

"eatin chicken 'n' dumplings,"

"have to sleep with Grandpa,"

(plus we add a few more verses...)

remember that song lyrics have often reflected more than what you might think about 
the morals and culture of the times they were written. even many so-called nursery 
rhymes are based on political gossip, sexual hijinks among royals and other juicy 

Dave Richoux

> How about some hard evidence in support of your argument Steve?
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