[Dixielandjazz] well-treated

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 12:13:37 +0200

kash@ran.es writes:

<< At a party for the outgoing Embassador to Spain from the U.K., we
 fed down by the pool, while the guests ate on the upper lawn at the E's
 home.   >>

and, Pat answered:
Yeah, well, you would. he is my wifes cousin.

I may have told this story about this particular party here already, but
will repeat it (groooaan!):

The embassador was an avid dancer.  He danced every tune we played
during the whole evening, not even sitting down while we took a break,
as I played Ella + Louis tunes on the CD player for them.  It was
probably the hottest summer evening I've ever experienced in Madrid,
which would put it well over 100=BA.  As the embassador didn't remove =
dinner jacket, none of the male guests did, either.  And, they all tried
to be good guests by dancing, also.  There were some very dignified,
sweaty guests there that nite. =20

We were cool, in our vests, which is a plus to that particular costume
when discussing what a band should wear!   :>