[Dixielandjazz] Jazz in Washington, DC

Donald Farwell farwell@erols.com
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:13:40 -0400

Just noticed a query from Charlie Hooks about jazz in the Washington, DC, 
area in a digest several days ago. Steve Barbone helpfully replied that he 
should check out the PRJC Web site (www.prjc.org) and mentioned in 
particular Henning Hoehne. I thought I would chip in.
	The best DC gig is at Colonel Brooks' Tavern on Monroe St. in Northeast DC 
at the Catholic U./Brookland Metro station. Tuesday night, 8 to 11. Henning 
plays there with the Federal Jazz Commission, a terrific band led by 
cornetist Marty Frankel that is finally getting some festival work. The 
first Thursday of every month Henning is at the 219 Restaurant in 
Alexandria, Va., from 8:30 to 12 with Mike Flaherty's Dixieland Direct. 
Mike is the drummer with the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and 
his trio also has Bob Boguslaw, pianist with the U.S. Marine Band. Then on 
Thursday night Bill Rowe has his Not So Modern Jazz Quartet at St. Elmo's 
on Mount Vernon Ave. in Alexandria from 8 to 10. (It's really a jam session 
of uneven quality, with as many as 10 or a dozen players some weeks.) And 
on Sunday Dixieland Direct plays the Jazz Brunch at the Market Inn, 200 E 
St., SW, from 11 to 2; again, Henning is featured.
	Henning truly is a great player. In addition to the clarinet and soprano 
sax, he plays a mean bass sax and alto sax. He hails from Hamburg, Germany, 
but has been in this country since 1951 or so and spent 17 years with the 
U.S. Navy Band in Annapolis, Md. He has just released a CD with the 
Dixieland Direct guys, and he can really be heard to best advantage in the 
trio setting. The CD is "Why I'm Smiling," and you can get more information 
about it from Henning at hhoehne27@comcast.net.
	This is an unabashed plug for Henning, but I am not his publicist and I 
receive no compensation for this testimonial.
		Don Farwell