[Dixielandjazz] Spanish Gigs, was resting chops

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:39:15 -0400

Kash wrote (polite snip)

"We are doing a regular Tues nite gig now at a fancy drink club.  It
seems to be mainly filled with divorcees from both camps hoping to hook
up, plus a few high priced hookers at the bar.  Cars parked by the
parking attendants in double & triple file are top line Mercedes,
Ferraris, etc.  We are being treated like kings by the management
(however, the gig has just recently started!!).  There is a small dance
floor, but so far, most are just listening.  Really LISTENING, which is
strange for a club!"

I think Don Ingle might even leave Michigan for that gig.  ;-)

and then Kash wrote: (being offended by the below hotel)

"We DIDN'T accept drinks from a client that sent a waiter to ask what we
would like, as the waiter stated we would have to drink them in a back
room.  I later wandered over to the client, and thanked him, but said we

were all rushing home as it was the end of the gig.  Hotel personnel
like to think the musicians are employees as they are, but our gig is
booked through an agent...who I will speak to about how & where the band
will drink!  (Our normal intake during a 2 hour gig is 2 Tonic waters, 1
normal water, 1 beer, & 1 gin & tonic = 5 drinks for the whole
band.....and, we sit quietly at any unused table!)"

Kash & List mates:

Nothing worse than the artists being treated badly by officious venue
people. You would think the hotel would want you to mingle with the
guests to further connect with the audience. Especially when the band is
well behaved and gathering adulation. The beauty of being Kash is,  now
with so many gigs, you need not gig for people who piss you off.

That, is one of the great pleasures of life. Bandleaders, if you haven't
said "no" to some idiot yet, do it now and experience the pleasure.

Steve Barbone