FW: [Dixielandjazz] Resting Chops

James Kashishian kash@ran.es
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 13:56:10 +0200

Don Ingle wrote:
We may not  have that much work in this part of the world, but we sure

That was the purpose of my post the other nite after enjoying a meal in
Chinchon with my wife.  Moderation is a blessing with gigs, large meals,
etc., etc.  I thoroughly enjoy a gig, and I thoroughly enjoy my time
with the family.  

The chops?  Trumpet & 'bone players suffer when the blowing isn't
steady.  (Clarinetists/sax tend to get away with it easier.  They may
hurt, but at least the notes come out!) 
We have, on average, 12 nites a month.  In the past, tho, that sometimes
meant 14 days without a gig, and practically 12 days steady blowing, for
example.  The best is to have it spread out through the month, and now
due to two fairly steady gigs, things seem to be smoothing out for us.
Better for the chops, AND family life!

We are doing a regular Tues nite gig now at a fancy drink club.  It
seems to be mainly filled with divorcees from both camps hoping to hook
up, plus a few high priced hookers at the bar.  Cars parked by the
parking attendants in double & triple file are top line Mercedes,
Ferraris, etc.  We are being treated like kings by the management
(however, the gig has just recently started!!).  There is a small dance
floor, but so far, most are just listening.  Really LISTENING, which is
strange for a club!

Our other sorta steady thing is every other Thurs nite at the Hotel
Palace, one of the classier hotels in Europe.  We play in a domed lounge
while drinkers sip, smoke cigars, and diners quietly move around the
buffet tables.  Very elegant.  Super hushed, sweet dixie, thoroughly
enjoyed by what is predominantly Japanese & Americans.  We're enjoying
the gig, particularly our pianist, who is enjoying playing a very nice
baby grand.  Kinda funny, tho, as it is in contrast to our normal
raunchy way of playing.  

We DIDN'T accept drinks from a client that sent a waiter to ask what we
would like, as the waiter stated we would have to drink them in a back
room.  I later wandered over to the client, and thanked him, but said we
were all rushing home as it was the end of the gig.  Hotel personnel
like to think the musicians are employees as they are, but our gig is
booked through an agent...who I will speak to about how & where the band
will drink!  (Our normal intake during a 2 hour gig is 2 Tonic waters, 1
normal water, 1 beer, & 1 gin & tonic = 5 drinks for the whole
band.....and, we sit quietly at any unused table!)

Jim (offended) Kash