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John said
> The word "fans" in the above extract needs to be qualified - if John
> means "fans of Ken Sims" or "fans of the Acker Bilk band" then it makes a
> tenuous kind of sense. However if he means "English jazz fans" or "fans of
> jazz trumpet worldwide" then the statement is utter balderdash.

yes the fans I mean were the Bilkophiles. Diz Disley did a cartoon of a
couple of Ackerites walking past a poster advertising a Louis Armstrong
concert. One said to the other something to the effect that "I hear he
sounds like Ken Sims"...
Notwithstanding that, my Livrepudlian buddy can blow some hot cornet.

John Petters
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> John Petters said :
> "Ken Sims, a one time member of the Acker Bilk band, who, during the 50s,
> was more famous among fans than
> Armstrong himself."
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