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Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:52:23 EDT

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<< I once put my own name in for a Google search and to my surprise I found=20=
long piece about skiffle attributed to me.
I have no idea how it got onto google but it was aproximately what I=20
remembered contributing to this list when we were discussing `tea chest=20
basses`. >>

That is nothing from the information I gleaned from a little bit of searchin=
Google. The following was extracted from the site 'www.themonkeyman.com':-

"Jerry Brown is a multi-talented showman who has been delighting audiences,=20
young and old, throughout the nation for the past 22 years. He is an=20
accomplished juggler, magician, mime / clown, musician, fire-eater, animal=20
trainer, stilt-walker, teacher, and storyteller -- and an unsurpassed=20
entertainer who=E2=80=99ll hold you spell-bound with the variety and uniquen=
ess of=20
his presentations."

Frightening ain't it!!!!!!!=20

Mind you this is better than sites referring to the unhappy story of the=20
ex-Governor of California!

Jazz link:- "You're Bound To Look Like  A Monkey When You get Old"  -=20
Clarence Williams=20