[Dixielandjazz] Club Diary October 2002 - March 2003

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Please add the Clevedon Jazz Club 'gigs' listed here to your 'for=20
publication' diary. All 'gigs' are :

1       presented by    Clevedon Jazz Club

2       membership      Optional - Non Members pay the higher indicated=20
admission price

3       music from      8.30pm (doors open at 8.00pm) - unless otherwise=20

4       contact 'tel            01275 343210

         fax                     01275 880803

         mobile          07778 003359

         e-mail          Info@ClevedonJazzClub.co.uk

         web site        www.ClevedonJazzClub.co.uk


Clevedon Jazz Club at The Walton Park Hotel, Wellington Terrace, Clevedon

26  September           8.30pm          =A35 (=A33-50)              The=20
Ploughboy Jazz Band

10 October              8.30pm          =A35 (=A33-50)              The Blue=
Note Jazz Band=20
with                                                            Hannah=

24 October              8.30pm          =A36 (=A34-50)              Roy=
Paragon Jazz Band

14 November             8.30pm          =A35-50 (=A34)              The=
Reece Jazzmen

28 November             8.30pm          =A36 (=A34-50)              The=
Walker Swingtet

The Club Christmas Party at Princes Hall, Princes Road, Clevedon

19 December             8.00pm          =A37 (=A35-50)              The Blue=
Note Jazz Band=20
with                                                            Hannah=20
Wedlock +, in cabaret,
                                                                 The Norman=
Thompson Trio. +
                                         =A34                      Optional=
Christmas Supper
must be ordered in advance)


Clevedon Jazz Club at The Walton Park Hotel, Wellington Terrace, Clevedon

9 January               8.30pm          =A35-50 (=A34)              The Tone=
Valley Jazz Band

23 January              8.30pm          =A37 (=A35-50)              The=
Lawrence Band

13 February             8.30pm          =A36-50 (=A35)              Richard=
Bennett=92s New Orleans
                                                                 Jazz Band

27 February             8.30pm          =A36 (=A34-50)              The=
Little Hot Six

13 March                8.30pm          =A35-50 (=A34)              The=
Pearce Jazz Band

27 March                8.30pm          =A36 (=A34-50)              Roger=20
Wells=92 New Orleans=20
Hot                                                            Shots

10 April                8.30pm          TBA

24 April                8.30pm          TBA

8 May                   8.30pm          =A36 (=A34-50)              Crazy=

22 May          8.30pm          TBA

12 June         8.30pm          TBA

26 June         8.30pm          =A37 (=A35-50)              Phill Wall=92s=

10 July         8.30pm          TBA

24 July         8.30pm          TBA

7 August                8.30pm          =A36                      Members=20
Only =91All Ticket Special =91
Gas Jazz Band

14 August               8.30pm          TBA

28 August               8.30pm          TBA

29 August               8.30pm          Long Weekend 2003

30 August               8.30pm          Long Weekend 2003

31 August               8.30pm          Long Weekend 2003

11 September            8.30pm          TBA

25 September            8.30pm          TBA

9 October               8.30pm          =A37 (=A35-50)              New=

23 October              8.30pm          TBA

13 November             8.30pm          TBA

27 November             8.30pm          TBA

18 December             8.30pm          TBA                     TBA +=20
Optional Christmas Supper

Good Jazzin'

Trevor Tomasin

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