[Dixielandjazz] Greetings

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald@calweb.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:08:34 -0700

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> Hi all,
> Bob Ringwald posted:
> >Greetings to a long-time member of DJML just returned to the fold.  Jim
> >March of BC, Canada & of the Grand Dominion JB has rejoined us.
> Now I hasten to add that Bob is "visually challenged" and he has to rely
> his computerized voice translator when he "reads" e-mail messages. The
> individual he is referring to is actually Jim Marsh who plays banjo with
> Grand Dominion JB.
bob Ringwald replies:

First of all, I know it is Marsh.  I just have a sneaky spell checker.

Secondly, I am not "visually challenged," I am blind.  Not only that, I
can't see neither...

Bob (Now where'd I put that damn piano?) Ringwald
Placerville, CA USA Earth