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Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:20:08 EDT

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<< Question: if, ten years later, someone sends the bandleader an anonymous
e-mail remarking on this incident but not mentioning names, should the
bandleader be shocked and scandalized to the extent of scouring records to
identify you as the miscreant? >>

I'm not a band leader, or even a musician, but as you know was a police 
officer for 30 years and the reaction to such an incident by my friends, 
colleagues, and senior officers was likely to have been in the following 

"You lucky b-----d".
"I remember her, the Chicago bicycle. Did the penicillan take long to work."
and similar frivilous remarks.

Incidently in this country the employment laws are such that there is a 
pretty good chance that Bob Greene would be able to make a small fortune by 
suing the paper for unlawful dismissal.