[Dixielandjazz] George Buck's definition (was Type of Jazz - Revisited)

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George Buck certainly knows his jazz  he has been specializing in sell jazz
records for decades.   I agree he makes a lot of sense and has a valid
As he puts it  (from his perspective as a purist)  "Dixieland" is a place,
rather than a type of music.  the idea of just two basic types - New Orleans
or Chicago is very attractive, though of course, both of these names/styles
are "places" too, which rather muddies the water!
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> As Paul Harvey would say, "This is from the 'For What It Is Worth'
> department".....
> Last week, George Buck was on WWOZ Radio out of New Orleans, and
> expressed HIS opinion about the labels applied to music.  He states he
> is a "Jazz Purist" and realizes everyone does not agree with him.
> However, he says that in the early days, the music was referred to as
> Jazz and everyone knew what that was.  He calls it "authentic jazz".
> Since those early days, all sorts of music have picked up on that name
> and many times the label comes from the press.  He classifies Jazz in
> two categories:  New Orleans Jazz and Chicago Jazz.  He says that even
> "West Coast" has its roots in either of these two types.  To him,
> Dixieland is a location, not a type of music.  Swing is another category
> although it may have elements of jazz in it.
> Rebecca Thompson
> Flower Mound, Texas
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