[Dixielandjazz] Traveling Cases

Don Gumpert dongumpert@cox.net
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Reminds me of the time we took the band from Atlanta to Aruba.  Skip
Diringer did not have a case for his tuba so, the people who hired us paid
for a half fare ticket, no problem.  For some reason, the airlines seated
the tuba in the last seat on the plane, by the window.  A lovely couple had
the two aisle seats.  Skip offered to trade seats but, the couple would have
had to sit in separate seats.  The tuba was strapped in and the plane
started the takeoff; the tuba fell over.  Once again, Skip offered to trade
seats, no deal.  Fortunately, by the time we were 30 minutes in the air, the
man fell asleep until we reached Aruba.
About a week later, the couple came into the hotel where we were playing
because they wanted to hear the instrument which had caused them so many
"problems" earlier.  Skip bought them a drink and they were happy.
Don Gumpert

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> Dear Listers:
> I play tuba, and as you might expect, the subject of flying with a tuba
> a lot of discussion on the TubaEuph List from time to time.  The tuba is
> the toughest instrument to fly with, but it comes close.  My vote for
> would be a full-size string bass.  Professional cello and bass players
> to buy another ticket, and the instrument occupies a seat.  Back in the
> 1980s, I took two series of flights with my valve trombone as a carry-on,
> and didn't have any trouble.