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Patrick Cooke patcooke@cox.net
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 10:08:35 -0500

John Farrell asks about the correct spelling of titles to OKOM tunes........

     First, John let's remember that There's the composer, the publisher,
the printer, and people involved in the communication of information who
stand between the composer's intent and the published page.  Any of them can
make a mistake, or even "correct" what appears to be a misspelling.

       Re: Milneburg/Milenberg...The tune was written about a little resort
community (Milneburg) on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans.  [It is now
part of New Orleans].  The place was named for Alexander Milne, a Scotsman
who came here and got into the hardware business, expanded into real estate,
and bought up most of the land on the edge of the lake.
       In German, the suffix 'burg' denotes a place, whereas a 'berg' is a
        In New Orleans, (the capital of mispronunciation)the place is
pronounced "Millenburg".  I have come to the conclusion that there was a
verbal communication that the New York publisher heard as Milenberg, and
that's how the incorrect title got on to the original publication.

Re: Muskrat/Muskat
        I have to admit that for years I was misled about that one.  I had
heard that the title referred to the good times of a fellow drinking
fermented squeezings of the Muscatel grape, but I some years ago learned
that Kid Ory's original intent was for the name to be 'Muskrat Ramble'.  The
publisher or the printer simply misspelled it.  Andy Bartha told me that he
had asked Kid Ory personally what the correct title was, and that was what
kid Ory told him.

Re: Saints....I really have no definite answer on this one...only
conjecture:  This is a traditional tune.  It has probably been printed on
paper, recordings, and even piano rolls many times since originally written,
any of whom could have changed the title, mistakenly or purposely, maybe to
avoid copyright complications...which must have expired long ago.
      Pat Cooke
       New Orleans

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> I know that this subject has been batted around DJML list previously but
> cannot remember if universal agreement was reached - is it Milenberg
> or Milneberg?
> Second question - Muskrat or Muskat?
> Third and final question - When The Saints Go Marchin' (Marching?) In, or
> When All The Saints Go Marching In (as printed on a piano roll I have)?
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