[Dixielandjazz] Non-jazz Posts: A Solution

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald@calweb.com
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Did Don just pass out the Hot Jazz Talk Mailing List business on our gig???

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> For those of you desiring discussions about jazz ONLY:
> Join the moderated Hot Jazz Talk list. It's easy and fun to do! The list
> moderated by me, Don Mopsick. Posts are rejected if they are about
subjects other
> than jazz, or contain personal attacks, gratuitous obscenities or other
> inappropriate material. HJT is a low-volume, high quality list and is
populated be
> many well-known musicians, writers, etc. from the world of Classic Jazz.
> Since HJT uses the Lyris system, posts must be restricted to text only
(like the
> DJML).
> To subscribe:
> Via email: send an email message to join-hotjazztalk@lists.landing.com and
> the subject and body of the message blank.
> Via the web: follow this link and follow the prompts. You can also manage
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> To post messages:
> You must first be subscribed to the group as above. Once you are
subscribed, send
> email to: hotjazztalk@lists.landing.com
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unsubscribe-hotjazztalk@lists.landing.com and
> leave the subject and body of the message blank.
> Via the web: follow this link, then enter the email address you are
> enter hotjazztalk, and click "leave(unsubscribe)."
> Hot Jazz Talk also can be accessed as a usenet newsgroup: point your
Netscape or MS
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read and
> post, but not manage your subscription as above.
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