[Dixielandjazz] Trombone Carry On

Artwoo@aol.com Artwoo@aol.com
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 20:17:04 EDT

Hi Stan:

Watch out for Southwest Airlines...I made the mistake of letting them check 
my trombone and affix a "fragile" sticker on the case.

To my horror, while waiting for my tbone at the baggage claim, I saw the case 
fly out of the conveyor belt. My suspicion was that a baggage handler 
(probably a former javelin thrower) decided to see how high he could throw 
the case. I yelled out a few choice words displaying my anger about the 
special handling, etc., "don't worry Mr. Wood, we'll take care of your 
instrument." Ha.

Fortunately, the case is fairly durable (an original Olds Recording model). I 
had previously covered the case with all-purpose duct tape which probably 
insulated the landing of my case on the conveyor belt.

There are special cases similar to golf bag containers that are made of 
durable fiber glass or some other space age plastic material. In fact, a golf 
bag case may fit your T-Bone case and may be cheaper than an official 
air-worthy tbone case.

Good luck! I hope the X-ray guys don't label your tbone as a weapon and 
confiscate it! 

Art Wood (also tbone in training as well as trpt)