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This coming Friday and Saturday nights, September 13 and 14, cornetist and
bandleader Ed Polcer will substitute for Jim Cullum at the Landing Jazz
Club in San Antonio. (Jim's daughter is getting married out of town).

During the past several years, Ed Polcer has become one of the most sought
after performers on the jazz festival circuit. He has appeared in hundreds
of concerts, festivals and jazz parties throughout the United States,
Canada and Europe, including numerous return appearances at the
Newport/Kool/JVC Festival in New York.

Ed joined Benny Goodman's Sextet for an American tour in 1973. He also
toured the U.S. and Canada with Bob Greene's "World of Jelly Roll Morton"
troupe. An expert showman, Ed has led numerous concerts with varied themes,
including his most recent extensive U.S. tours for Columbia Artists. In
1992, '93 and '94, "A Night At Eddie Condon's," transported the audience
back to the famous nightclub and gave a musical retrospective of American
jazz over the last 100 years. Since 1996, "The Magic of Swing Street" has
offered classic jazz in its many forms as it was played by the many small
groups on New York's fabled W. 52nd Street, Swing Street. In 1993 and '95,
Ed toured Germany as the leader of an international band. He played for the
1994 Congressional Ball in the White House, and in 1995, toured Japan with
the World's Greatest Jazz Band.

In 1997, Ed presented "The Magic of Swing Street" at New York's Lincoln
Center, as well as with several symphony orchestras. He toured Europe with
vocalist Terry Blaine in her concert presentation of "Too Hot for Words -
Great Ladies of Swing." Since 1998, Ed has presented "The Magic of Swing
Street" at over 50 jazz festivals, worldwide, and has performed the show
with several symphony orchestras. In 2001, Ed appeared in a command
performance in Bangkok for the King of Thailand.

If you dropped in at Eddie Condon's club in New York City between 1975 and
1985, chances are good you ran across Ed. Besides being the resident
cornetist and bandleader at that historic jazz spot, he was also the
manager and co-owner.

Like many jazzmen, Ed comes from a musical family. His father and uncle
were prominent horn players in New Jersey, where Ed grew up. He made his
musical debut at the age of six as a xylophonist. At Princeton University
in the mid-50s, he joined Stan Rubin's Tigertown Five, perhaps the
best-known collegiate Dixieland group of the day. With that band he made
several Carnegie Hall appearances and performed at the wedding of Prince
Rainier and Grace Kelly in Monaco in 1956. For more about Ed Polcer, visit
his website at



This weekend, you can get:

*FREE admission (no cover charge) for your entire party.
*Special discounted room rate of $99.00 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio on
the Riverwalk.

For more on the Hyatt Regency, go to


To receive your free admission to the Landing and special room rate, upon
arrival, simply mention these words to your Landing server and Hyatt front
desk personnel:


Remember, this offer is good only from September 10 through 14, and you
must say the words "Catfish Club" upon your arrival.


We are currently compiling a special email list of Texas residents for the
purpose of getting the word out about free promotions such as the one
above. If you are within reasonable driving distance of San Antonio and
would like to be included on this new list, send a blank email message to:



For the entire month of September 2002, Jim Cullum's Landing in San Antonio
offers FREE ADMISSION if you are currently employed as:

*Active-duty US Armed Forces

Please show your ID to your server. Jim Cullum says: "In this small way we
wish to show our love for the country, and our support of our military and
our President." For reservations, email us at christocullen@hotmail.com, or
please call The Landing during normal business hours, Central Time, Monday
through Friday, at 210-223-7266 or 210-602-0967. Reservations are suggested
only on weekend nights or for large parties.

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