[Dixielandjazz] unwritten rules new scenario

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Perhaps if you had given Joe one and offered to split the profits?

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I'll take your opinion on this one. I was the culprit.

Big Band (Joe Battaglia and the New York Big Band)
New York's "Supper Club"

Joe made a place for me as solo pianist between band sets. I wrote plenty of
charts for Joe and
attended rehearsals. He had a regular pianist and I subbed at rehearsals and
gigs when the regular
couldn't make it.

I created and published a cd (all midis) entitled LFO POPS. Tunes are
classical selections
that piano students learn from the typical teachers. (Fuer Elise, Spinning
Song, et al.)
I asked Joe if he would mind my placing a small display in the hat check
room and letting
the attendant sell them. He said - no problem. Manager of the club said no
problem but he would like a copy
for himself
Placard info mentioned my name as a member of the band. The band name and
Joe's name were in largest type.

I was fired by Joe.
Whatcha' think?

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