[Dixielandjazz] Politics on the Jazz List?

Henry B. Stinson HenryStinson@BlueHeavenMusic.com
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:57:36 -0400

Well said, Ivor, but the list is sort of self-correcting
by people getting down on the people who throw in
all this political stuff.  I got reprimanded by Bob Ringwald
for sending out the peace statement, which was more or less
appropriate, since it wasn't jazz related.  I assume that Bob is
also communicating with the people sending out all the political
stuff, which even more does not belong on this list -- although
it certainly was interesting -- if not pretty -- so see all the hatred
and garbage going on in some peoples' minds.  Of course, in our
free world, that's part of what the freedom part means - the ability
to speak our minds.  But, hey, folks, just not on this list, please.
I hope, Ivor, that you will stick around.  This stuff will clear up.
The odd ones sending out all the weird garbage are also really
good, interesting jazz musicians, with some interesting stories
and insights.  Man, if I stopped hiring or playing with musicians
I thought had weird ideas, (if I really started investigating what
their thoughts were), I might find that I had somewhat fewer
really good musicians to work with.  The music overrides all.
Let's stick to jazz.

Ivor Jones wrote:

> I know I've blown it, I'm sick to be leaving the list and
> I would like to thank the nice people that I've met this mailing list,
> unfortunately those on the right on this list have an unfortunate habit of
> starting political discussions, and you can bite your tongue only a certain
> amount of times before you draw blood. Thanks to all of those who have been
> unstinting in their advice and help and to the others... you will be glad
> that I left. Perhaps I can find a mailing list that just discusses jazz.
> Ivor Jones in Portugal.
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