[Dixielandjazz] Trombones - A Reynolds story.

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My friend Len Gosling (trombonist Climax Jazz Band) was in Anchorage, Alaska
about a year or so ago and he asked if there were any music stores.  There
were not but there was a Radio Shack which used to be a music shop years ago
and had some instruments left over from before, so Len went to check it
out..  He found several Reynolds instruments in new condition.  He bought
the Reynolds trombone..   Then he found, when he got back to Toronto, that
it did not suit him.   I took it off his hands, (as friends do!), and have
been using it a lot since then.
One of my first trombones was a Reynolds, several decades ago, which just
wore out.  The sleeves became paper thin.  So it was a joy for me to find
another one in mint condition.
Strangely, soon after acquiring that horn in mint condition, I was getting
some work done on one of my other horns in a brassband workshop and the
owner had another Reynolds there!   Not in mint condition but in very good
shape.  I could not resist it and bought it for CAN$300 - that is about $200
in real money! (US$)  Reynolds went out of business around 20 years ago and
I think were taken over by Conn.  so it was a lucky break for me.
Brian Towers,
Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto, Canada
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> > Over the years I have moved away from the slightly larger bore trombone
> > (i.e. King 3B) and find the regular bore to produce a brighter, punchier
> > and
> > more immediate sound - for myself anyway.  My main horns are a Reynolds
> > Emperor and a Bach Stradivarius -both regular bore.  I prefer the
> > these days.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Brian Towers,
>    Yes, the regular or smaller bore tenor trombone has been the preference
> many jazz greats for years.  The KIng 2B is an amazing horn that has been
> around forever and still is a leading contender.  Tommy Dorsey, Cutty
> Cutshall, Urbie Green and so many played the 2B and I am surprised to
> that many of the top young toughs today are using the 2B.  I must have had
> least 6 of them over the years.
>    Jack Teagarden played a Reynolds for some years though I don't know
> model.  Reynolds hasn't been made for years so yours has some mileage on
>    JIm Beebe