[Dixielandjazz] Unwritten rules??/

John Farrell stridepiano@tesco.net
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:54:00 +0100

Pat Ladd said :

"Hi John,

 You should know by now the Bill Gunter is a troublemaker par excellence.

 I have not bothered to work through Bills reasoning as I can make a good
bet that it is logically unshakeable.

 Neverthless, having met the man I will also bet that he would not do such a
thing whatever the `logical` position.

 If it happened on my gig I would fire the sidesman and never engage him
again. Illogically perhaps I would not hold it against the guy ( well, not
much) if he contacted the venue later on his own behalf."

I too had the pleasure of meeting Bill on one his UK Cell Block 7 tours. He
is a gentleman of the first water and like you, I do not believe that he
would ever engage in the kind of behaviour which he defends so resolutely.

His argument is logically unshakeable, nevertheless there is something
distasteful and unseemly about the actions of the sideman in the scenario.
In this matter logic appears to be a casualty, I do not think that Bill will
find any backers on the list for his professed point of view (you wouldn't
be putting us on Bill, would you???).

John Farrell