[Dixielandjazz] Who Will Play My Stride-Style Song? Who Will Publish?

Ecary37@aol.com Ecary37@aol.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:42:08 -0400

September 11, 2002                               Potomac, MD

Dear Dixieland Jazz:

Henry Stimson sent me an e-mail with your intriguing address.  I am a freelance (magazine) writer who also writes a lot of songs.  I have just finished one, "Only You, Sweet Darlin'", which is in - Dixieland.

I am dying for a piano player and a studio who will help out. I can pay something.  I have a lead sheet/chord chart written.

This one really has wings.  Can you help find a stride piano player and a good - no, great - blues singer?


Edward "Ted" Hayes PhD

Under copyright:  35 songs.  Recorded:  3.  Scratch recordings: 12.  Available on request.