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> Jazzjerry . . .
> Spare me, on this day, your goddam liberal rhetoric. The one sad thing
> about the monarchy these days is that the Queen doesn't seem to have the
> power to have heads lopped off any more.
> Will Connelly

Absolutely right. I think the Queen should cut the heads off all the
liberals and shock horror, all the leftie bastards... that is 70% of the
U.Ks population. Get real Will. Oh  perhaps you don't realise Mr Blair is a
leftie, more or less. And  I forgot, what about all those bloody wogs that
Mr Beebe talks about, decapitate them too? I've been to the States many
times and I have many friends there, but Jesus you don't know what's
happening in the outside world. You don't realize what this latest
administration has done to foster un-Americanism. We, Britain are your
closest allies, OK. Two latest polls 71% think that we should not go to war
against Saddam, evil bastard that he is, and how do you like this one. Q.
Who is the biggest threat to world peace Saddam or Bush...A.  Saddam 38%
Bush 62%. I'm afraid you have had so much propaganda shoved down your
throats that you believe anything. Patriotism is a blindfold.
After a jazz concert the other night I sat around talking with a bunch of
people I had not met before. A couple of Brits, a very wealthy Luxembourg
businessman, a Dutch guy, a couple of Brazilians and some Portuguese, and
there was not one who didn't think that Bush wasn't the most stupid
president that the U.S. had ever had.and you've had some doozies. This
wannabee John Wayne with his swagger and his leer is universally loathed,
and he is the leader of the 'free' world. Heaven help us. When Saddam
poisoned thousands of Iraki Kurds where were you? but with oil interests at
stake you are all Gung Ho. When are you going to wake up to what is being
done in your name. I know I've blown it, I'm sick to be leaving the list and
I would like to thank the nice people that I've met this mailing list,
unfortunately those on the right on this list have an unfortunate habit of
starting political discussions, and you can bite your tongue only a certain
amount of times before you draw blood. Thanks to all of those who have been
unstinting in their advice and help and to the others... you will be glad
that I left. Perhaps I can find a mailing list that just discusses jazz.

Ivor Jones in Portugal.