[Dixielandjazz] Re: Jazzy non-typicals

David Richoux tubaman@batnet.com
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 17:48:04 -0700

I have a lot of those odd sessions noted - more fodder for my radio show ;-)

A very good place to find out more on the sarousaphone (and many other even more odd
instruments as well!) is the website and mailing list for contrabass instruments at
www.contrabass.com   This site is not limited in styles of music, history, or
seriousness... if you sign up, tell 'em I sentcha.

Dave Richoux

Charlie Hooks wrote:
> on 9/9/02 7:18 AM, Robert Greenwood at robertgreenwood_54uk@yahoo.co.uk
> wrote:
> something called a sarousaphone
> A sarousaphone is a strange instrument.  Mt high school band director had
> one lying about and persuaded me to play it for a month or two.   It looks
> more like a bassoon than anything else but is made of lightweight metal and
> uses a saxophone mouthpiece--a soprano sax, if I recall.  Hey, this was in
> 1943!  I clearly remember hating it, but not much else.
> Charlie
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