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I had heard of that incident which was moving because we all (those like me
involved in the tour) realised that the conditions that the band frequently
lived under were totally alien to us. It reminds me of what I am told was a
recent incident when a visitor to Mandeville (LA) asked the way to the Dew
Drop Hall and was asked "what you want to visit that nigger place for?".
The book is going well but we still need more first hand stuff about Howard.
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  Hello Brian. Good to hear from you. Yes, I did read somewhere that you
were working on a book about Kid Howard, one of the greatest of all the New
Orleans trumpeters. I look forward to the book coming out. A friend of mine
told me that he met Howard in London in 1959 when he was over with the
George Lewis Band. One night after a concert in London, the band played an
after hours session at the Ken Colyer Club. When the interval came everyone
piled out and made their way to The Porcupine on Charing Cross Road. Howard
somehow got left behind and, naturally unfamiliar with the geography of
central London, seemed at a loss as to where everyone else had got to. My
friend and some other young fans eagerly took him under their collective
wing and accompanied him to the pub but, when they got there, they noticed
that he was lingering on the pavement and seemed unwilling to actually cross
the threshold into the bar. One of them asked him if anything was wrong.
Howard then asked: "Which door do I go in?" It was only when one of the
group opened the door wide enough for Howard to see that George, Jim, Drag
and the others were really in there and that there was no (official) colour
bar in London pubs that he entered the pub.

  Robert Greenwood.

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