[Dixielandjazz] "Hold that train"

Bill Hildebrandt billhil@prodigy.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 12:59:39 -0400

I'm looking for composer and/or lyricist of "Hold That Train" aka "Hold That
Engine" as sung by Juanita Hall (on an old c.1950s reel to reel "Omegatape"
titled "Bloody Mary Sings the Blues.") No info except titles are given on
the box.
One verse goes: (more or less.)
Hold thet engine, let sweet mama get on board,
'Cause my home ain't here, it's a long way up the road.

Help, anyone?

Bill Hildebrandt
The New Farmington Royal Ragtime Ramblers
Simsbury, CT
(who will be appearing at the Farmington Valley Musig Foundation's concert
at 2pm Sat. Sept 14, on IronHorse Boulevard, Simsbury, CT.)