[Dixielandjazz] July 4th - Was definitions.

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet@earthlink.net
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 16:16:20 -0400

Dan Augustine wrote about July 4th as a good day to promote OKOM.

>If you're not doing anything really important, why not take your
>instrument down to the central park in your area and jam with whoever
>shows up.

Man, if you are a Dixieland musician and you haven't got at least 2 gigs
on July 4th here in the USA, you are definitely not promoting you music
properly. Either that or your band is just plain awful.

Most of my peers in the Phila area have 5 to nine hours of Dixieland
that day. Some have 5 gigs. Me, I stopped at 2 gigs and 5 hours of
Dixieland because I'm getting old and both of these will be very high
energy gigs.

Steve Barbone