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I'm not yet ready to concede that some of the traditional that I have seen
are not as good as whoever, whenever.

I don't disagree with "stop talking about it and start playing it", but
since I'm not a musician, I'm wondering what I can do to help.

My wife and I are running a website dedicated to support and promote all
kinds of jazz with Dixieland/OKOM being our personal favorite.  In the
battle we are fighting to preserve jazz, I can't say that traditional jazz
is doing as badly as some of the rest.  The OKOM festivals and events are
drawing large crowds, that in itself should justify newspaper coverage.  Add
the idea, that as an international entity, you're looking at one of the
largest music followings in the world.

I guess I have to ask, what are we apologizing about?  Since we buy their
(newspaper) product, maybe we should point out to them, by phone, mail or
e-mail, just how many thousands of supporters OKOM has.

Thanks for the interesting thread,

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> Rebecca Thompson asks why no critical reviews for Dixieland/OKOM in the
> news media.
> Jazz Jerry also asked, and Jim Beebe agreed it is a good point.
> From my own experiences, I've seen reviews by jazz club newsletters that
> are way overblown, touting bands that are just one step above awful.
> Better just an appearance note with the songs they played than such
> obvious junk reviews.
> With every passing day, we lose audience in the USA for OKOM. We are
> less and less visible. Best advice to reverse that trend, is to play
> where the younger generations are. IN THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S CLUBS. Beebe
> said it all when he advised a young man to stop talking about it and
> start playing it. My only addition to that advice would be to play it to
> the younger audiences. Play it well, and the reviews will come.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone