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Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:36:45 EDT

In a message dated 28/6/02 19:48:44, barbonestreet@earthlink.net writes:

<< It seems to me that the "Jazz Police" are getting restless. We tend to
dismiss all music we don't like as trash. Interesting view point. Much
like the pre World War II book burnings because those books were not to
some one dimensional person's liking. Who among us is able to state with
real conviction that the music, or politics, or religion, or what ever
we espouse is the only correct stuff?  Those who espouse it are trying
to foist their own brand of political correctness on the rest of us. >>

A bit snipped to illustrate only.

Sorry Steve, but your posting was a load of cobblers (English rhyming slang). 
No-one is foisting any form of political correctedness onto you or even 
describing other forms of music as trash. What is being said is that this is 
a "Dixieland Jazz Mailing List' and reprinting reviews of other forms of jazz 
onto the DJML is not really the 'done thing' anymore than if you posted 
reviews of ballet or opera performances from the same journal. I could copy 
newspaper reviews of concerts which are held in London, Jim Kash could do the 
same for Madrid and we could have a load of posting from every part of the 
USA giving details of verious modern jazz concerts all over the place. It is 
simply that the DJML is not the place for these unless you wish to use such a 
review to make a point or start a discussion which is relevent to the list. 

My national daily paper the Guardian often prints reviews of jazz concerts, 
usually very very modern and I would not think of putting them on the list 
unless in the course of the piece the reviewer trashed OKOM in some way and 
it posting could start some interesting discussion.

The one thing that interests me is that there are no reviews of music which 
is more relevant to outr list. Are there no concerts of OKOM (using a pretty 
wide definition)? You tell us that you play plenty of gigs both public and 
private. Do these never get reviewed in even local newspapers? Now these 
types of reviews might indeed be more interesting as it is always fascinating 
to read what critics, particularly those normally given to modern jazz, have 
to say when confronted with a form of jazz which they do not fuilly