[Dixielandjazz] Hungary: Don't miss it, lucky one!

Charlie Hooks charliehooks@earthlink.net
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:05:09 -0500

"I've just had a phone call inviting our band the GOOD TIME JAZZ BAND to
play in Hungary. He was told we had a great band (somebody lied) and I am
meeting the gentleman next Sunday to discuss, I presume, venue(s)?, dates,
remuneration, accommodation, transport, et al. So....does anybody out there
in Dixieland know of any oncoming festivals in Hungary? Has anybody else on
the list been contacted ?  Any advice please ? It will be gratefully
received. Has anybody any experience of playing in Hungary ?"
Ivor Jones, still in very sunny Portugal
Ivor, if the request comes from Itzes Tomash, by all means go.  Paul Asaro
and Rusty Jones and I went over from Chicago about 5 years ago.  Mimi Blais,
the fine Montreal stride pianist was along.  We travelled all over Hungary
in a bus and had a ball! Tomash (Thomas, in English) is one of my most
admired young musicians and promoters.  Really has his act together, and you
can put his word in the bank.  I'm a clarinetist: taking a clarinet to
Hungary is like taking a beer to Munich, and there are Roma players around
who are scary.  The big jazz festival is usually not in Budapest, but about
70 kliks away in Ketschemet (sp??), which Brahms regarded as the most
beautiful city in Europe.  And in spite of Soviet style post war
architechture, the 19th Century buildings are still there and still

Languages are Hungarian (which only Hungarians have the slightest chance at)
and German with a smattering of French in the larger hotels.  No English at
all outside Budapest.  I suspect no Portugese or Spanish--though I did
manage a conversation with one Spanish speaker I found in Budapest.  German
will get you food and shelter and directions.

I cannot speak too highly of Tomash (pronounced TOE-mosh--all Hungarian
words are accented on the first syllable, no matter how many syllables!
Sometimes they sound like long echoes).  He will see that all is well.  And
give him a huge hello from Charlie Hooks.


PS. I need Tomas' e-mail address, if you have it.