[Dixielandjazz] Band kibitzers and suprise singers.

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Our "Austin Powers" Clown wanted to sing. We have a policy of INCLUSION
in our band so if anyone wants a go we accommodate them  "Thats Amore"
was chosen as a song we all knew. We didn't know it really well and we
did have to change key halfway through. In the end we could hear the
client upbraiding the poor guy for stuffing up HIS favourite song.
Didn't blame the band!  Band 1 goal Clown nil. One of our walkaround
clients another clown, we ask to sing with us, many Jazz Bands in
Australia can thank this clown as he creates a lot of jazz gigs. I hope
they look after him to. 

"When-a, the moon hits-a your eye like a big-a pizza pie, That's Amore".

Richard Stevens
The Jazz Factory

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One never knows how to respond to folks who want to be part of the act,

Early one Saturday morning this May, a limited edition of the
was performing a Sacramento Jazz Jubilee sponsored promotional gig. This
at a "Dog-a-thon" in Placerville, California. It was sort of a canine 
"steeple chase" fund raiser for a charitable organization.

Our "stage" was home plate on a weedy softball field behind a school. We

performed against the back drop of several blue porta potties and in the

ambience of 30-40 contestant dogs - caged, leashed or running free.  At
time, our dog-event preoccupied, sitting audience swelled to over 9 or

Co-appearing at the event was a clown, by the name of William Zwacky.
baggy pants and full makeup, William wandered amongst the pet owners and

their sometimes talented companions.  Behind him, he pulled a small
old cart full of wood animal push toys. In his other hand, he was
holding a 
leash containing an invisible dog who could leave your pant leg wet.

Mr. Zwacky periodically approached the band during our three hours "at
plate" and loudly yelled, "Do you want me to sing yet?" What should have

been the appropriate response, given the circumstances?

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