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Thanks Jerry.  I have been thinking of the times I have tried to compliment
a band/band member and it might have been misunderstood by the other party.


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> << They come up after the band has just busted a gut on a hot number and
> "You guys are Pretty Good"
> My standard answer which always send them away with a strange look on
> face is:
> "Thanks and you folks are Almost Nice".
>  >>
> These cheapjack ripostes to punters simply are not funny. The poor guy or
>  has probably really plucked up a lot of courage to go up to the band and
> make what he or she thinks is  a real compliment and to be put down in
> way shows that the musicians have complete contempt for the audience who
> after all pay their wages. Why not simply say 'Thank You', smile and take
> remark in the way it was undoubtedly intended.  I know that if I ever
heard a
> musician put down a punter in this manner it would be the last time that
> particular band would get a booking in any venue I had any control over.
> Cheers,
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K.
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