[Dixielandjazz] Stretching the thread a little further

Bob Romans cellblk7@attbi.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:16:32 -0500

Hi Benny and all!!
Stretching out from OKOM to classical instruments...
I would say French horn and oboe/bassoon are the least rewarding at first.
Next, IMHO would be trumpet/trombone...notice all of these take the ability
have endurance. Human muscles around the oral cavity weren't built for
this-they can be MADE to do it, but they object strenuously. I used to (in
my teens) lament the fact that I hadn't taken up an instrument that I could
practice on 23 hours a day! When the chops give out on cornet/trumpet/
French horn, give it up until tomorrow! I would assume the same for oboe...
All of the above is just my opinion...and undoubtedly not worth much!!
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>Bob:  May I be so inquisitive as to ask "what instrument do you consider
>"Hardest" to learn?  Your message to Nancy and DJML 20 Jun 2002, 10:14PM
>mentioned "Easiest instrument I taught was Saxophone".    Musical content:
>"You'll Never Know" - Best regards....
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