[Dixielandjazz] Hardest instrument to learn OR EASIEST?

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Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:33:23 -0000

Well stated, (as usual), Mr. Gunter!  I have tried to play a washboard and
found quickly there is MUCH more to it than keeping time.

AND I also noticed that the subject changed in this thread from the original
question posed by Mr. Romans.

<<<< on 6/19/02 6:22 AM, Bob Romans at cellblk7@attbi.com wrote:

 If a friend of yours wants to learn to play in a Dixieland jazz band, and
has never played ANY instrument,and asks you which one would get him there
fastest, what would you tell him/her?


Flower Mound, Texas

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> A washboard, while appearing to be a simple concept, offers as much
> challenge to the musician as learning to play any instrument in the
> percussion section. Elements of phrasing, timing, articulation and
> technique, timbre, all offer unique challenges which only practice and
> dedication can overcome to produce groovy stuff!!!