[Dixielandjazz] Hardest Instrument to learn

Ron Going rongoing1@earthlink.net
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:38:23 -0500

When was the last, (or first) time you heard an oboe in a Dixieland band????
Best, Ron

benny theiler wrote:

>Having taught Public School Instrumental Music for 34 years, grades 6 thru
>12, I have found the "Oboe" as being the hardest to learn - (as-well-as
>teach) - and the "Saxophone" the easiest.
>Every person should have some God given talent to be able to learn any
>instrument.  I have even had students that could not distinguish one pitch
>from another.  During these many years, I would not start a beginner on
>"Oboe" unless they were practically straight "A" students, and these usually
>excelled in their musical training.   (Just wanted to add my 2 cents.)
>Musical content: "There, I've Said It Again"
>Benny Theiler
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