[Dixielandjazz] Why Saxophone? - Was Hardest Instrument

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OK - so what went wrong?   Brian

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>Kash opined that the trumpet players get all the girls, and that reed
>players have an easy time of maintaining their lip compared to
>trombones, (or something like that). And so their are few trombone
>players out there. He then said: (polite snip)
>"Ever wonder why there are so many saxophonist out there, and so few
>good 'bones?"
>Perhaps because the saxophone in mainstream jazz, like the trumpet in
>Dixieland, is the lead horn. The main man. The guy with all the
>testosterone. He is THE MAN. So now a days, all the young players who
>want to play jazz, pick those two instruments. Just as a rock wannabe
>goes for the guitar.
>Me, I took up clarinet because Artie Shaw and Sidney Bechet got all the
>girls in my formative years. They and Benny Goodman were the main men
>back then and figured I could earn the admiration of ladies like Lana
>Turner and Ava Gardner (Shaw) and all those girls who hung around
>Ah, sweet youth. :-)
>Steve Barbone
>PS. However a good 'bone man who makes a proper ritual of emptying his
>spit valve, now that's an attention getter. :-)
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