[Dixielandjazz] Me

PLadd36932@aol.com PLadd36932@aol.com
Sun, 16 Jun 2002 17:39:50 EDT

Hi all,
as the list is a bit quiet I thought I might pass on the following extremely 
interesting piece of news.

I have made the BIG TIME. I appeared on National TV last week for all of 3 
seconds. Of course you would not have recognised me even if you had known me 
and the Hollywood and TV offers have not yet started rolling in.

The band played a long gig for a Jubilee Street Party. All of a long and 
sunny Saturday afternoon. The BBC were making a programme entitled  `2002. 
Whither the Monarchy?` or similar. The 6 hours of filming produced a segment 
of around 3 minutes which was actually used. Included in that was quite a lot 
of the bands music as background and around 15 seconds of pics of the band 
amd voila! there I was.

I shall continue to talk to the less important members of this list as usual 
and I shall not move into a bigger house just yet. Any member who appears on 
tv on a regular basis, I don`t want to hear from.

One humourous note. We had received quite a lot of publicity recently because 
of a concert we had given and the girl in charge of the BBC filming team 
recognised our illustrious leader and remembering the write up  spoke to him  

" You played with Louis Armstrong didn`t you?`

Bob, a lugubrious 83 year old from Norfolk took his trumpet from his lips, 
looked sad, and said sorrowfully

`Yes, thats right, but he never got us any gigs"


Pat (drummer and TV star).