[Dixielandjazz] On The Road

Bill Gunter jazzboard@hotmail.com
Sun, 09 Jun 2002 22:12:12 +0000

Hi Listmates,

Beverly and I have been on the road for the last couple of weeks. The 
Boondockers (the band I'm in) played at the Las Vegas Jazz festival a 
weekend or so ago, and we're playing at the Logan Internation Washboard 
Festival in Logan Ohio in a week. Right now we're in  Niagara Falls and then 
Toronto for a visit and then it's off to Logan.

After Logan we're gonna visit for a couple of days with Tex Wyndham in 
Pennsylvania for a few days and then finally head home.

It's been difficult keeping in touch with being on the road so much, 
expecially since my "nationwide" ISP provides no access numbers in Colorado, 
Wyoming, South Dakota or Ohio! But we're able to get online from Detroit!

I had about 250 messages waiting"! Yike's -- you've all been busy!

Don Ingle . . . Sorry we missed you, - our trip itinerary has us whipping 
through Michigan at a rapid pace and we didn't have time to stop over. I had 
hoped we'd get a chance to hoist a wee dram!

Charlie Hooks . . . We left home before the violin case arrived but I'm sure 
it'll be waiting at the post office for me when I get back. Thanks again for 
your generosity!  More later!

Hope all is well with everyone on the DJML and I'll stay more up to date on 
correspondence as we travel throughout the east.

Warmest regards to all,

Bill "Thimbles" Gunter

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