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Thanks for posting the news of Truck's passing. He was one of the great
ones. A really strong and cookin' player.
One humorous memory....I was in Chicago and walked in Andy's and heard a set
of Hedges, DeMichaels, Deems, and Parnham...maybe there were others in the
band. I knew Truck from earlier times, so he asked me if I'd like to play a
set. This I did. No sooner did I mount the bandstand but a fellow came up
and offered to buy the band a round. I looked over to the bar where Truck
was seated and he said."Oh no!." He missed the freebie and kidded me about
it when the set was over.
Gut strings---it's really the way to go.Truck knew this.
 Gene Mayl

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> Listmates:
>     The legendary bass player, "Truck" Parham, age 90, has just died after
> an illness.  A great guy and a fine player.  If you wonder why his
> was "Truck," it means you've never played in front of him!  Memorial
> services will be held on Thursday, June 13, at Cage Memorial Chapel, 7651
> Jeffery Blvd. on the south side of Chicago, with a visitation at 6 pm and
> memorial service at 7 pm.
>     Chicago already missed Truck because he'd been in hospital awhile; but
> if you close your eyes, you can still hear that sound: gut strings about 2
> inches off the finger board, and he would rattle your cage even without an
> amp!  Truck had played with just about everybody who was anybody, and
> on with many of us who weren't anybody!  Went through the bad old days and
> came out a gentleman.  Well done, Sir.
>     Musical content: "Goin' Home"
> Charlie
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