[Dixielandjazz] a classical clarinetist comes on list

Charlie Hooks charliehooks@earthlink.net
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 16:48:58 -0500

Dear Don Straub:

Even though you are a classical clarinetist--should I say, "legitemate"
clarinetist, and, if I do, does that suggest that the rest of us are somehow
"illegitemate?--I know you well and believe you will enjoy this list.
We have just changed servers on the DJML and I hope this works.  If it
doesn't, let me know, and we'll think of something.  I remember it took
several tries and yelling for help before I finally managed to get on.  And
who knows: you may be screaming to get right off!

Send an e=mail message to

         DJML Dixieland Jazz <dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com>

In the subject line, type: Subscribe flat5

flat5 is the password.  If the computer accepts it, you'll be notified and
given your own password, which you should save because you'll need it if you
ever want to Unsubscribe.

Hope you enjoy.  The list is principally for players of what we call OKOM,
Our Kind of Music, a general term for all pre rock, pre Beatles-Bullshit
music from the turn of the century through the mid fifties.  Big band,
Swing, Small Combo, up until the MidAir Catastrophic Failure of all popular
music begun by Elvis, consummated by the Beatles and Woody Guthrie clones
like Bob Dylan, and still falling out of the air and into the sea in the
form of hip-hop and electronic "music."

But the list is of many ages and creeds.  We of around 70 seem to
predominate only because we are more outspoken, having been around long
enough to form opinions we'll defend.  Plenty of dissidents, which is what's
great fun.  And don't underestimate any of these guys: some of them are
quite knowledgeable, and even quite intelligent (though I don't like letting
them know that: it's like looking at trombone players, which Sir Thomas
Beecham advised us never to do: "It only encourages them.")

Truth is, I can't think of any group of guys anywhere that I'd rather be
stranded with on an island--especially one with CD players!


PS.  Plenty of listmates under 50 will be screaming to defend Dylan, Lennon,
Elvis and Co.  There is no defense, of course; but that will not deter them.
They will still insist that countless numbers (of fans) multiplied by zero
talent is something other than zero.