[Dixielandjazz] moderation

Don Mopsick mophandl@landing.com
Fri, 7 Jun 2002 10:44:24 -0500

"Also, they probably have DJML confused with <HotJazzTalk>, Don Mopsick's
list which IS moderated, and I'm sure shares many members."

By the way, for those interested, the address to subscribe to Hot Jazz Talk is


Hot Jazz Talk is moderated, low-volume, but has a very good signal-to-noise ratio.
Because of this, HJT's subscriber list contains many notable people from the world
of Classic Jazz (this is not to say that DJML doesn't, it's just that some prefer a
moderated, low-volume list). There is some cross-posting and cross-membership
between and HJT and DJML, but no cross-dressing that I can detect. Not that there's
anything wrong with that, mind you.