[Dixielandjazz] Overlooked state songs for dixieland

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Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Overlooked Tunes
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:01:23 -0700
Just a thought. Perhaps the most overlooked tunes are those written recently, say from 1950 onward. There are many in that half century that make great Dixieland songs.
Among the many advantages of playing the more recent tunes is that they are recognized by more of the general music audience. And so the band gets more attention from the general music audience.
And for you guys in Texas, some of that country western swing is great for Dixieland.
Cheers, Steve Barbone
Steve and others--
    Couldn't agree more.  There are a lot of songs that everybody in the state or region knows, and a good enthusiastic rendition of it will get the crowd whoopin' and stompin'. Texas has a lot of such songs, but every state or region has local favorites too.
    Not to be Texas-jingoistic about it, here are some songs on Nevada (where i used to live) that might lend themselves to a dixieland treatment:

Nevada Skies
Springtime in Nevada
My Sweet Little Girl from Nevada
The Sweet Promised Land of Nevada
I'll Never, Never, Never Leave Nevada
Nevada, State of Mine
Home Means Nevada (state song)

    Of course, Texas has a lot of songs about it.  Chuck Reilly and his Alamo City Jazz Band have a whole CD of these on _Texas Jazz Since the Republic_: Yanaguana; Texas Moaner; Breeze; Gene (Memorial to Gene Wisdom); Lorena; My Little Girl; San Antonio Shout; Houston Blues; Sweetheart; Up a Lazy River; Gladiator's Farewell; Mexican Medley; Beaumont Rag; My Galveston Guy; Alamo Rag; Dallas Blues; Oh Daddy; San Antonio/San Antonio Rose; On the Alamo; Yellow Rose of Texas

    And here are some others that might work:

Across the Alley from the Alamo 
Aggie War Hymn (Texas A & M)
Alamo Rag
All My Exes Live In Texas
Beaumont Rag
Big Balls in Cowtown
Blue Yodel (T for Texas)
Boogie Back to Texas
Condo In Hondo
Corpus Christi Bay
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Dallas Blues
Dang These Texas Honky Tonks
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Devil Lives In Texas
Dumas, Texas (pronounced "dumb-ass" in the song)
East Texas Blues
Eyes of Texas (University of Texas)
Fightin Texas Aggie
Ft. Worth Jail
Houston Blues
Houston Means I'm One Day Closer To You
I Wanna Go Home with the Armadillo
If You're Gonna Play In Texas You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band
Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone
Lil' Ol' Bitty Pissant Country Place
Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music
Lone Star state of Mind
Lubbock in My Rear View Mirror
Luckenbach, Texas
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
Mineral Wells
On the Alamo
Pecos Promenade
Red River Valley
San Antonio Rose
San Antonio Shout
San Antonio Stroll
Santa got lost in Texas
Schottische In Texas
Spirit of Aggieland
Streets of Laredo
Texas Barbeque
Texas Blues
Texas Boogie
Texas Fiddle Song
Texas Flood
Texas Hard Shelled Opossum
Texas Has a Whorehouse In It
Texas On A Saturday Night
Texas Swing
Texas Two Step
Texas, Our Texas
That's Right, You're not from Texas
This ain't dallas
Town of El Paso
Wackos From Waco
Walking The Floor Over You
Waltz Across Texas
West Texas Plains
West Texas Town of El Paso
When Its Xmas Time In Texas
When You Leave Amarillo (Turn Out the Lights)
Yellow Rose Of Texas
You Can't Get The Hell Out Of Texas

(I haven't heard a lot of these, but how could you go wrong with "Wackos from Waco"?)