[Dixielandjazz] Fireworks!/J. Bliss/ TB player

SLGTJB slgtjb@earthlink.net
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 19:38:05 -0600

The ultimate sets for me at Sacramento were the Aussie band Fireworks!.
After starting life as "Hotter than Six", they changed their name last year
to Fireworks with a few faces changed.  Very versatile and entertaining.
Most of the members of the play multiple instruments.  Nina Ferro is the
girl singer.  Wow.

A new face this year was Don Stewart, a 21 year old TB player.  What a great
hope for the future of OKOM!  He plays perfect harmony lines, brillant
solos,  and in perfect taste with the song. Great stage presence and he
sings as well.  

My question was how someone this young could not only be master of the horn,
but could also play this old music with such a mature feeling.  Then I got
the answer:

When we lived in Sydney Australia in 1988-89, we lived close to the Quay
where every weekend a dozen or so buskers would always be playing.  There
were three little kids about 9 - 7 and 5 who would play all day Sat. and
Sun. with a trumpet, baritone and tuba.  The little five yr old had a small
Eb Tuba on a stool and the other two played from some music.  We took a
number of pictures of them.    Well.......   the oldest, at about 9, was Don
Stewart. He said they called their group "Small Change".  The brothers have
dropped music but 13 years later Don is 21 and a monster TB player and the
toast of Sacramento Jubilee.   Like J. Bliss, it's amazing what happens when
you start 'em young!

I got away without either his or the band's email address to send him a copy
of the 1988 picture. If anyone has that, please send it to me so i can passi
t along.  I'd be happy to individually email that picture to anyone who is

Cary Hobbs

PS:  Look for the Anything Goes JB at the Helena Montana Jubilee on
June 14 weekend!