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>Subject: Help wanted : "Please say si,si."
>Dear listmates,
>I'm looking for a leadsheet and the lyrics of the tune "Please say si, si".
>I couldn't find it in the Anderson Fake Book or elsewhere.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>BTW : I just finished a smaller Fakebook (with some 126 OKOM tunes/C and Bb version) with my personal favourite tunes in it.
>Suites just find as a band Handbook.
>Anyone interested can contact me off list.
>Thanks and Cheers,
>Peter De Bruyn Sr
>Trb/Ldr "Dawn Square Jass Band" Belgium
>Millenium Fakebook (126 tunes/C and Bb version)
>DSJB Fakebook (520 tunes/C and Bb version)