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Pee Wee Russell's version of "Old Folks" was recorded in 1956 under the 
leadership of George Wettling. It was a trio setting with Wettling, Pee 
Wee, and Gene Schroeder on piano. It's included on the Time-Life Giants of 
Jazz Series featuring Pee Wee.

While there's a good deal of disagreement about Pee Wee Russell as a jazz 
clarinetist, he belongs somewhere in my top 5 of all jazz clarinetists and 
in my top 10 of all jazz musicians.

Stan Brager

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Hi Brian
Thanks for that. I'll see what I can find out. I guess tyhat puts the 
recording daye in the 40s.
Good luck with the smoking - Its very hard - I know from my own father - 
he's 74 with one heart attack and prostate cancer and he still can't stop - 
he's cut down though.
Keep jazzing
John Petters
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  Hello - I had it on LP which I used in a Light Programme (that dates me) 
programme that I did when god was a boy. But it was a weird label - I 
remember it was tiled "Trios" I think and had tracks by three trios - 
George Wettling's - Wild Bill's and Pee Wees. The sleeve art work was by 
Wettling - he told me but the label I can't remember.I'll ask Mr. Haesler.
  Take care - Brian
  PS - I have not had a cigarette for eight weeks. You and several others 
helped me stop.
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