[Dixielandjazz] What Happened To Jazz?

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> What Happened to Jazz?
> What's happened to jazz? Where's all the brass?
> What happened to jazz? What happened to class?
> There was Louis and Bix, Bechet and Bird.
> Monk playing music like we'd never heard.
> Count Basie and Duke and all Woody's Herds,
> And how Ella could sing without any words.
> Then Rock and Roll showed up one day -
> Just Rhythm and Blues played a monotonous way.
> Wild costumes and lasers and fireworks and all,
> Smash up your axes. Then trash the hall.
> "It won't last," we said, " It'll soon go away."
> But it kept hanging in there, day after day.
> Punk Rock, Acid Rock Heavy Metal and Rap,
> They said it was music. We said it was crap.
> Now it's two guys, a computer, and six amps on the stand,
> With ten thousand watts and a million RAMS at hand.
> Synthesizers, amplifiers, electronics and such,
> They still call it music, but it don't move me much.
> There's still lots of young talent. Kids really can play
> North Texas lab bands turn them out every day.
> But there aren't any gigs and there's no place to play -
> Jam sessions where old cats show the young cats the way.
> Cutting contests that last until break of day,
> Where all of your peers try to blow you away.
> Ah, the jazz years were sweet, and we had a good run.
> We partied all night and we hid from the sun.
> We drank lots of booze, smoked grass by the ton,
> Played games with the chicks and quite often won.
> Life was a ball---playing music was fun.
> I guess we did it all. It all seems to be done.
> Jazz to Hip-Hop in one hundred short years.
> You can't call that progress, not if you have ears.
> But it's over and done, what else can you say.
> Maybe, just maybe, it'll come back some day.
> What happened to music?
> Pray tell, where did we goof?
> What happened to jazz?
> What happened to truth?
> Not sure who originally wrote this. All I did was make a very few
> modifications. Question: What are we going to do about it?
> Steve Barbone